Monday, October 3, 2016

Carlsbad YSA Week 7 - General Conference Week

Hey everyone!
This last week was awesome, but very slow... You have to have the slow weeks, but MAN I HATE THEM! 
This week I got my new companion, Elder Hadfield. We are getting along great! He is a cool guy. I am hoping to see a lot of success with him. 
We had a couple lessons with Nathaniel this last week. He is doing well. He came to one of the sessions of conference with us. He is slowly progressing. We just need to get him to read and pray every day. I feel like he knows the church is true. He just needs to want it.
General Conference was great though! We got to watch it at the Stake Center! Except for the last session. We went to a members house with Nathaniel to watch it with the YSA. That was super cool! I loved how much they talked about missionary work. Being on a mission I have realized what a blessing it is to share the gospel. My testimony has grown SO MUCH from sharing it with others. Even when we are rejected, it still grows. 
I also loved how much it talked about prayer. Our relationship with Heavenly Father is something we too often take for granted. Being on a mission I have sometimes forgotten the importance of building that relationship and turning to God in all things. Our relationship with God is like any other relationship. If you put in a minimal effort, not giving time or sincerity, the relationship weakens. We forget the feelings we had and focus on the negative. Over time, we start being repetitive and insincere, yet still expect Heavenly Father to give a greater effort. But the thing is God is not variable. He doesn't try harder to bless and help one person and less with another. He is constantly trying to bless and help us. We need to open that communication and listen with our hearts for His love and guidance. You can't say, "I don't have time" or "I'm so busy". But, let's be honest when in life will you not be busy? It isn't a matter of time in the day, but of priorities. When we set a priority of putting the Gospel first in our life, we experience the abundant blessings Heavenly Father has to offer. 
I know the gospel is true. I know President Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and that he leads and guides Christ's church on the earth today. How blessed we are to have a living prophet that gives counsel for us in our day!
I love you all!
Elder Erik Kapp

                                                                   Sea Lion

                                                         Saying goodbye to Conrad! 

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