Monday, October 31, 2016

Carlsbad YSA Week 11 - Temple Trip


This last week was really stressful, but went by crazy fast! So I got sick last week and I lost my voice. I could barely talk! (which makes my job a little hard) This last week I had to plan and conduct district meeting, went on exchanges to the Spanish ward, went to the temple, and had exchanges with the zone leaders. It was pretty crazy, but I really loved it!

Our investigators are doing alright. They have all been really hard to meet with and haven't made any big progress. We are still working with them and trying to figure it all out. Delshawn came to church on Sunday and we are going to have another lesson with him on Wednesday. We have him on date to get baptized on November 12, but I feel like we are probably going to push that back. We are only meeting with him once a week, so we are going to try to meet with him more.

Nathaniel is such an awesome kid, but he drives me crazy! I know he feels the Spirit and knows it's all true. I've even told him that! But he doesn't let himself progress! He has come such a long way since we met him, but I know if he really took it to heart and made it his first priority he would receive an answer and a ton of help and peace in his life. 

On Saturday I was with Elder Gull and their mini missionary, Elder Olsen, in O3. When we met up to exchange back, I felt like Elder Horton should come to our lesson with Nathaniel. We were maybe going to drop him and I just felt like it'd be good for him to come. Andrew Snell, our ward mission leader, came as well and played a great role in the lesson. Elder Horton shared a personal experience with Nathaniel that I think really made a difference. At the end, Andrew challenged Nathaniel to pray right then to ask if God was really there and if He loved him. The first 2 prayers weren't very sincere and Andrew helped Nathaniel pray. The 3rd time we felt the spirit crazy strong. I know he felt it too. It was a super powerful experience.

I love you all! Have a good week!

Elder Kapp 

                                             Elder Hadfield and I with Elder Horton

                                                         The Pier 

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