Monday, November 7, 2016

Carlsbad YSA Week 12 - Transfers and Gratitude

This last week was super busy! It felt like we barely had time to do our regular "knock doors and contact" work. Halloween was a blast! We weren't allowed to be out after 6PM so we had a Halloween party at the church building. It was a lot of fun! We ate some snacks, watched a movie, and played a fun game of baseball inside the gym with plastic bats and balls. (The teams were the "She Bears" and the "Lamanites" in honor of the World Series) 
Wednesday we taught Delshawn. He is getting baptized this Saturday!!! He has opened up a ton and we are excited for him! He is ready! 
Thursday I went to MLC at the mission office and Elder Hadfield spent the day with other missionaries. The head and assistant of proselyting for the missionary department were there and ran most of it. WOW! It was a very eye opening experience. I learned a lot and was shocked how much I could improve on! 
Friday we had district meeting, weekly planning, a lesson with Delshawn, building cleanup, and a lesson with Nathaniel. All were good!
Saturday was a blast. Our ward was assigned to help put up the Christmas lights at the San Diego Temple. We had some non-members going, so we got permission to go help. It was super cool! We left really early in the morning and worked until about 11:00. It's crazy how much work they put into the lights there! Right when we got back we had lunch and cleaned up. Before we finished lunch the zone leaders called and said a member was moving in next door and asked if we could help. So we put back on our service clothes and helped her move in. We got back into our proselyting clothes and went to correlation. It was a really busy day.
Saturday night we got transfer calls. We are staying together for one more! I am really happy about that. I love the ward. I love the missionaries here. I love Elder Hadfield. So I am pretty grateful. The only bummer is my district is getting switched. They are adding another Spanish area in our zone so the Spanish missionaries will be their own district and I will have the Zone Leaders and the STLs that we ward share with. That'll be cool.
I have learned the last transfer the importance of being happy during affliction. Elder Hadfield gave a great dinner message this last week about this and it really added to what I've been working on. We are here to learn and grow. We learn and grow when we have trials and afflictions. However, the Book of Mormon says... "Men are that they might have joy." So obviously Heavenly Father expects us to be happy when life is hard. Murmuring and complaining is exactly what we do to show Heavenly Father how ungrateful we are to have opportunities to learn and grow. I am very guilty of this, but I am working on it. Everything we go through is a learning experience. When you die all you get is your knowledge and experience. Without pain we know no joy. We need the hard times and the bad days. Stop praying for God to take away your trials because He never will! Instead, what I've learned, is pray to have strength to do HIS will. I promise that will bring you joy. If you can't be happy during trials you will never be satisfied when you don't. Money, popularity, prestige, and power will never bring joy. Only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can truly do that. 
So my challenge is to start showing gratitude every day. It is November and it's a great time to show thanks for all we are given. Every day pray and show gratitude to your Heavenly Father for something each day. Try to make it unique. I promise you will see yourself a happier person.
I love you all!
Elder Erik Kapp

                                       Lunch with Princess, a member of our ward.

                                                             The District

                           We stopped and took this pictures on the way to Edson Range
                     (because our clock didn't reset and we showed up at 6AM instead of 7AM)

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