Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Transferring to Murrieta... Goodbye Temecula!

I got transferred.... I am super bummed! I loved Temecula so much. I met some of my favorite people and made some incredible memories! I loved being with Elder Gull! He has been one of my favorite companions. We had so much fun and I have learned so much from him. It would be a dream come true to serve with him again before I get home! I am now in Murrieta, the next town over with Elder Figgins. I can actually see my old area from our apartment. I am serving in the Alta Murrieta Ward and the Murrieta YSA. (My 4th YSA in a row!)

It was a great week this last week. We saw so many miracles. It was hard to keep track of them all. Lydia is doing well, but she had a rough week. Her family doesn't really want her to be baptized and she is thinking of postponing it so she can talk to her family about it and get their support. She is so solid! We are praying she will get baptized this Saturday! 

This last week we did a lot of service and went on exchanges with Rancho California Elders, Elder Daniels and Elder Ruhl. I got to be with Elder Daniels. He just got to the mission this last transfer and is probably one of the most solid greenies I've met. He is a 26 year old from Manti, Utah. He grew up on a farm and is a diesel mechanic! HARD WORKER! Every chance he gets he is studying preach my gospel or the scriptures. He's going places.

We saw so many miracles at church on Sunday! We had 2 part member families we've worked with since I've been here come to the family ward. There were 3 non-members we have been working with at the YSA ward. Of course, as soon as I'm leaving!!!!! I am very excited for Elder Gull and Elder Eddins. They're going to kill it!

I learned a great lesson about attitude this week. I was so mad when I got my transfer call. I asked my Mission President to keep Elder Gull and I together and I felt pretty cheated. Especially because I am literally going the next town over. It's RIGHT THERE! But as I really prayed about it and tried to be humble and just accept it, I started to see there was a reason for it. President Thomas is such a great example of having a good attitude! He told me once that you need to choose to be happy and see the good in every situation. That's how you become happy.

So that's what I'm going to do! I am honestly stoked to be here!

I love you all!

Elder Kapp

Pictures: Goodbye to some of my favorite families! 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Lydia on Date and Easters

Hey everyone! This last week was such a great week. God is being very good to Elder Gull and I. We are seeing tons of miracles and it's just been a good time!
We taught Lydia this last week. She is doing so great! We taught her 3 times last week. We went over the plan of salvation, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and some of the commandments. She set her own baptism date for April 22! But her dad is out of town and wants to be there, so we bumped it to the 29th. Still coming up quick! She is so ready. She loves meeting with us and can see the difference it's made in her life already. We're super excited for her!
Also, Elder Gull broke his finger... He jammed it playing basketball... Satan works in mysterious ways haha! He will be all wrapped up for a good 6 weeks. I'm the lucky guy that gets to help him button up his shirt until then! 
We had a lesson with the Butters. Those of you tuning in for the first time, they are a part member family we have been working with for a while. Janet is the non-member. She is from Nigeria and was raised Catholic and is now Christian. She comes to church often and loves it, but isn't quite ready to join it:) We have a lesson with her tomorrow. 
We had some exchanges last week with Elder Fox and Elder Owens in the Meadowview Ward. They're great guys! We had a lot of fun and learned a lot.
Easter was yesterday and it was a good day! Because of General Conference and Stake Conference we haven't been able to take the sacrament for 3 weeks! I missed it. I could tell what a difference it makes! We had Easter Dinner with the Slussers. They are one of my favorites! 
This next week is transfers. I can't believe they are coming up again already. I am praying Elder Gull and I stay together. He's one of my favorite companions and we are doing good work and getting a lot done! 
I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Kapp

Lesson with Lydia and Joe

We got to see Elder Phillips! He was one of our AP's and one of my favorite missionaries!

Elder Richards when he was in town with Elder Miles

Elder Gull and I at Freddy's Burgers

Easter dinner at the Slusser's

Monday, April 10, 2017



This last week was CRAZY!
 It feels like we had stuff going on every day! 

We had zone training meeting on Wednesday! All the days leading up to that we were preparing for that and doing visits. It went really well! Sister Thomas came to it and she enjoyed it. Right after we had interviews with President. 

Wednesday night we got a call from some elders asking for a blessing. Elder Gull and I felt like it would be good to take them out for some ice cream and talk for a bit. We felt like Chick-Fil-A was the place to be. It just so happened that Calvary Bible College was doing a fund raiser for a mission they are going on soon. We were a little nervous because sometimes members of Calvary like to bash... And half of Chick-Fil-A was just straight Calvary Students! Everyone was looking at us when we walked in. We sat down in the corner and after a few minutes 2 girls came up and asked us what we believed... WE thought we were about to get bashed. However, we ended up talking to them for a good 30 minutes. I told them to check out the Easter Video and gave them a pass along card with our number on it. The next morning I got a text from one of them asking for a Book of Mormon!!! So we dropped that off to her and she asked if we could meet sometime to answer more of her questions!

Wednesday night we also exchanged with the AP's. I was with Elder Higginson. It was great! We taught Lawrence, a less active recent convert and he opened up with us about some things he's struggling with. We are hoping to meet with him weekly and help him get back on track. We also taught Renn, another LA/RC. She is a senior in high school, but 19 and doesn't go to Young Women's, so she is going to start coming to the YSA.

Friday we had quite the day! We heard tons of sirens and saw there was a car crash, so we decided to check it out. We parked by this complex and walked down this gutter down to the crash. Along the way there was a coyote!! Elder Gull got a  sweet picture with it! We got to the crash and we ended up regretting it... A motorcycle hit a car and the motorcyclist didn't make it... Not a pretty sight... 

Saturday we had adult session of conference and lots of service. We helped the Bowens move a bed. They live in the Chaparral Ward and their 13 year old son is not a member, but they want Elders to teach him. So we've been working with him. 

Sunday we had Stake Conference. We sat by our investigator Lydia. It was her birthday. We gave her a mini statue of Christ and a personal Hymn book. Her fellowshipper got Lydia her own set of scriptures with her name engraven on them! She was so excited about it!!! We have a lesson with her this week. We later found out our mission President talked to her after and he told us that she was excited to get baptized!!!

Sunday night we had dinner at our Bishops. He invited his neighbors across the street! Bri and Garret. He's a marine and she is a volleyball coach. We shared the Easter video and they loved it! We are going to try to stop by again and see how they're doing!

Today for P-Day I went to Pauba District activity. We went to the driving range at the golf course! Later we are making shirts with the Meadowview District. 
Things are really starting to pick up for us! We are super excited!
I love you all! Have a great week and a Happy Easter!!!

Elder Kapp

                                                    Helping Mike with his truck

                                                      Elder Gull and the coyote

                                                             Temecula ZTM

                                                       Golfing in Temecula

Monday, April 3, 2017

April General Conference... What a blessing...

Hey everyone! 
This last week was a really slow week. We were anticipating tons going on, but that just wasn't in the cards for us. We did have a great lesson with Lydia though! We saw her on Tuesday. We taught her the restoration and the Spirit was super strong! She told us that she wanted to be baptized and we asked her to pray for a specific day to set as a goal. Our second lesson with her fell through and was rescheduled to tomorrow. She watched conference and I'm sure she loved it!
We went to a lot of meetings this last week. We also had exchanges with Temecula Ward. On Friday we had MLC. That meeting is always so great and spiritual, but holy chicken it's long! We are still trying to figure out what exactly we need to do to find people to teach. We are thinking about pulling out the good ol' iron stallions (pedal bikes) and hitting the pavement. But then I remembered I've been in a car for over a year and I'm probably not good to be as enthusiastic about the idea after a few minutes.
General conference was a blessing. I loved how it talked about the plan of salvation, retaining a testimony, the Book of Mormon, and the importance of families, specifically, the importance of parents raising their children to have good beliefs. On my mission I've seen so many families where the kids are not active because the parents let them choose at a young age if they wanted to go or not or they gave them too much freedom. Honestly, I am blessed my parents didn't give me a choice. It's not because their manipulative or brainwashing. They were raising me in the best way they knew how. Because I stuck with it I was able to see how much it blessed my life and now I am where I am now. The gospel makes me happy. I am glad my parents gave me the chance to be raised in it.
I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Kapp

                                                      Bass Fishing with the AP's
                                      Elder Gull and I at a leadership meeting we held.
                  Home sweet home! (we stole a selfie stick we found in another apartment)
                                                        Bass fishing this morning.
                                                                March MLC

                                               Elder Gull and I emailing