Monday, August 28, 2017

Transfers.... (Shoutout to the Holy Spirit and Caden Kapp and Elder Wilde)

Another week in paradise....

So first off.... Elder Wilson is getting transferred to Vista 8th Ward with Elder Owens. I will be training a new missionary. I will pick him up tomorrow. I will also be serving as a district leader again! I am really excited about that. There are a lot of greenies in my district and it'll keep me busy before I go home. Also... Elder Gull is coming to be my ZL. (For those tuning in for the first time, Elder Gull and I were comps and we got along REAL good.)

It was a bit of a rough week, but we pulled through! We had a bunch of meetings and stuff. We had a meeting on Wednesday in Vista for a trainer follow up meeting. It was pretty good! 

This week has been just really unlucky as far as getting in with people. We have had very little luck. At this point it's kind of funny, but we just keep rolling with the punches (like Mayweather). We are going to start doing a lot of new stuff this week and it'll be great. 

We started a booth at Palomar College. It's pretty sweet! We picked up some solid potential investigators for other areas. Soon what goes around will come back around and we are going to be rolling in good work! In due time. We have some sweet ideas for the booth we are going to start doing this week. 

Edson was awesome! We got to teach Recruit Huston again. He's from Las Vegas and comes from a part member family. He's such a smart and down to earth guy! He's been praying about getting baptized here at camp instead of waiting to get home. It's super fun to teach him!
We also picked up a new guy named Recruit Stone. He was invited by a guy in his platoon, Recruit Isert. It was such a powerful lesson. Isert bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and it brought the spirit so strong! Also, Chandler Poole (a kid from my home stake) is doing well! He's at boot camp right now. 

I had a really special experience this last week. I have just been so frustrated about the work and have felt very lost and unsure about what to do. So on Friday I went into the closet in the bedroom and had a good conversation with my Heavenly Father. It started as a vent session, to me beating myself up. Then I really felt the love God and Jesus Christ has for me. I know that Christ doesn't identify us by our sins. You're not defined by the mistakes you make. I felt the love and understanding of my Savior. I absolutely love the Spirit and I'm so grateful for the experience I had. I know I'm not perfect and I won't be for a LONG time, but I know that I'm on the right track as long as I come to him.

I love you all!

Especially you Caden! HAVE A HAPPY 14th BDAY this week! I love you man! You are the coolest kid I know. I miss you so much and can't wait to see you! Have fun and enjoy!

Elder Kapp

Picture: Trainer Meeting

PS: Shoutout to Elder Wilde for finishing up his mission! Thank you for being such a great companion and one of my closest friends over the last 21 months. You've served honorably and I know your mission was a success just due to the impact you had on me! Love you, brother!

PS2: All  you single ladies! There's a new man on the RM Market... His name is Nate Wilde. He's going to BYU-I. Hit him up! 

Trainer Meeting

Monday, August 21, 2017

Meeting San Diego Missionaries, Zone Conference, and Am I A Disciple of Christ?

Hey everyone!

This last week was very eventful with meetings!

We had exchanges on Tuesday this last week. That was a lot of fun! I got to go with Elder Lundquist. He's awesome! He's from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We did a lot of contacting and were able to meet some pretty cool people. I loved our time together. 

Wednesday we had zone conference. That was pretty good. They talked a lot about inviting to be baptized. I thought it was pretty good! I loved seeing the missionaries I used to serve with and be around them. 

Thursday we had a meeting with the San Diego missionaries who are serving at MCRD (Marine boot camp) in their mission. It was pretty good. It was interesting to see other missionaries and see how different the culture can be between 2 missions that border. We also had dinner with Elder Higginson and Elder Phillips, missionaries who went home and were visiting. Elder Phillips was my trainer. It was awesome! 

Friday we did a lot of service and weekly planned. 

On Sunday we were able to pick up a new investigator on Edson. He's really cool! His name is Recruit Mendoza. He wants to find himself and he said he felt the Spirit during our lesson. He said he'll be baptized if he knows it's true. Elder Hadfield talked during sacrament meeting on base. He did such a great job. He talked about how we need to "Go back to work" and stop worrying about the past. I needed it!

This week we have a lot more meetings. It's mine and Elder Wilson's last week together. Then he'll be off with someone else and my new guy will come in! It's flown by. Too fast. 

I love this gospel and I'm grateful to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. This last week we talked about what it means to be a disciple of Christ at Zone Conference. I have come to a conclusion that I, and probably most members of the church, need to do a better job at focusing on what Christ said were the "Two greatest commandments". I think we give ourselves too much credit for doing what we've done our whole lives and we condemn those around us who aren't living the same standards. This is NOT being a disciple of Christ. The 2 greatest commandments are to 1. Love God with all our heart, might, mind, and strength. 2. Love thy neighbor as thyself. God doesn't care if you are doing better than your neighbor or co worker or anyone else. He cares a lot more about how you treat that person and how you're helping them in returning back home to him. We too quickly condemn the sinners for their sins and forget that we are just as dirty as they are. We don't know where most people really are, where they've been, and most importantly where they are trying to be. 

This week I'm going to be more loving to everyone around me and improve as a disciple of Christ. By doing so I will be showing God that I truly do love him. (Mosiah 27 & Moses 1:39)

I love you all!

Elder Kapp

                                Elder Phillips and Higginson


Elder Trounce and I on a comfy couch thing by the pool.

God's Squad back again... (Picture from Zone Conference)

Meeting with the San Diego Missionaries and MCRD Branch. (They're the one's on the right side. Our's are the 6 on the left) 

Monday, August 14, 2017

78 people between 4:30 and 8:00. #SpreadTheWord

Hey everyone! This last week was really long, but it was good. Elder Wilson and I are still trying to find people to teach, but the ball is starting to roll in the ward. We spent a lot of time trying to find and seeking for referrals from our members. We're trying to build up the members in helping them invite. We've gotten a lot of names we're praying for! 

The week itself wasn't super eventful. It was good though. We went on exchanges on Tuesday. I went with Elder Cromer. He's a greenie from Wyoming. He's a really cool kid! We had a lot of fun and got a lot done. 

We also had President Interviews this last week. That was really good. I always love meeting with President Thomas. I'm grateful for the relationship I've been able to develop with him throughout my mission. 

On Saturday, Elder Wilson and I were having no luck. At about 4:30 we just hit the streets and started contacting. We got 10, which is our daily goal. Then I asked Wilson if he thought we could get more. So we got 25 more. Then we ate dinner and stopped by some Less Actives, but had no success. So Elder Wilson and I decided we were going to stay on the streets. We'd set a higher goal, hit it, then I'd ask Elder Wilson if he thought we could get more. We ended up contacting to 78 people, picked up 3 referrals for other areas, and gave a guy a Book of Mormon and he said he'd come check out our church sometime. Now, we didn't see any direct blessings, but it was awesome! Elder Wilson really developed a ton of confidence and isn't as afraid to talk to people now. We both grew a ton. 

We got to pick up 2 new investigators on Edson Range this last week. Both of their parents are divorced and one parent is a member. So both of them were very knowledgeable of our church. We challenged both to read the Book of Mormon, pray, and pray about getting baptized. Both said they probably would get baptized, but it would be at home so their families could see. 

This next week, Elder Wilson and I are having a #MiracleWeek. We are praying that we can find 3 new investigators, have 3 investigators at church, and have 1 on date to be baptized this week. We are being 100% exactly obedient, working as hard as we can, and praying a ton we can find referrals and hit our goals. We need miracles!

I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Kapp 

Elder Wilson and I had dinner with someone with a tortoise.

               Pictures from being in Valley Center.


Picture from interviews.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Baptism on Edson!

Hey everyone! 

So this one has to be short. We had a pretty busy p-day. 
This last week was awesome! We had an awesome district meeting on Thursday and have been working to find people to teach. We got a couple solid potentials, but nothing yet. 

We had a really great Sunday. We had a baptism on Edson Range! It was awesome. Recruit Christopher Hoppman has been doing super good! Unfortunately we aren't allowed to take pictures on base, but it was awesome! Elder Wilson got to do the confirmation. He was super excited to do it and he did a great!

Elder Wilde and I went on a short P-day exchange and got to meet with Franky Hunt for lunch. He's the investigator we taught when we were companions. He's so awesome! We will probably start meeting up with him again.

I love yal!

Elder Kapp

Wilde and I on exchanges. We got Otter pops!


We played wiffleball for FHE