Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Carlsbad YSA Week 8 - Blessings poured down on Kapp and Hadfield

Hey everyone!

This last week has been a great one! It's been full of miracles and success.

The first miracle was Delshawn. We taught him my first week and a half being here. I didn't know the area at that point and I didn't even know where Delshawn lived. We felt like we should go stop by him and see how he is doing. We went to his apartment complex and started praying. We started around the complex and came to a door that looked right. We knocked and Delshawn came to the door. We set up a lesson with him and taught him. He has opened up a lot. He is doing well. He is going to Snow College in January, so we helped him send some of his stuff in. We are excited to teach him again on Wednesday.

On Thursday we had to do weekly planning because I had MLC on Friday. We cleaned up the apartment and had institute that night. After institute we had a lesson with Nathaniel. We had Andrew sit in on the lesson. They really clicked! We taught the plan of salvation and it went great. It was one of the first times Elder Hadfield and I had taught together and we were able to teach pretty unified. He did a really good job explaining the atonement and when we taught about the celestial kingdom we asked him if that's what he wanted. Then we committed him to be baptized!!! We haven't set a date yet, but we are excited.

Friday I had MLC. That was really long. It was good though! I enjoyed it and got to see a lot of missionaries I have missed. 

Saturday we went to a funeral for a member in our ward. That wasn't fun. Her mom asked us to go. That night we had dinner with our Ward mission leader, Andrew, and Franky Hunt, my investigator from TOV. He is doing well. That was really cool to talk to him. I asked him why he hasn't gotten baptized yet and he said he doesn't really have a reason. So then I told him to do it this month. During that conversation he asked me to baptize him. That was cool. I love that kid. He has become such a good friend. 

Sunday was the greatest miracle of the week. I was really banking on Recruit Filener to get baptized. When I met with him he wouldn't do it. He is ready and everything. He didn't get baptized. While he was getting interviewed by another elder, I met with Recruit Oviat. We started talking about how he hasn't been getting an answer if he should be baptized. That led to us talking about how he already knows and he isn't waiting for anything else. He told me he didn't want to get baptized down in San Diego for the last stage of boot camp. I told him we were having a baptism today. He got baptized 5 minutes later. It was awesome. I got to confirm him and it was sweet! I am super excited for him!

I love this gospel so much. I am so lucky to be a missionary. I love E. Hadfield. Have a good week! Love you!

Elder Kapp

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