Monday, August 29, 2016

Carlsbad YSA Week 2 - General Authority Visit and Getting Towed...

Crazy week last week. Feels like it went on forever and a lot happened.
Last Sunday we met Nathaniel. He is a marine from Mesa, Arizona. His mom converted to the LDS church over the last few years and loves the Mormon culture. He met with the elders before us but they didn't really teach him. He came to a lot of the activities this last week but not sure if he has a faith in Christ.
Tuesday we met with this less active recent convert from South Carolina named Christopher Timmons. He's a cool guy!. He moved here like 4 months ago and hasn't been to church since being here. He is about to get kicked out of his house and is looking for a place to stay. He came to church and met with Bishop and hopefully all goes well with him.
Wednesday we had to watch this broadcast for the general authority visit on Friday, so we met up with the Oceanside 3 elders and watched it together. After we went to Mira Costa college and set up a booth to meet people. There was this guy that came over and was "healing" people. He basically just came over and prayed over and over again for the people we were talking to until the person got annoyed and said, "Oh! Yep. All better. Good job." That night we went to a members for dinner and we got to check out their chickens. It was fun!
Thursday we went and met people on Camp Pendleton. That evening we set up a booth at the Sunset Market. It's a little street fair they have every Thursday. This crazy lady came over and was yelling at us and telling Elder Richards and I how it is our fault women don't have rights. And also that we needed to vote for Hilary... She got arrested about 20 minutes later. It was yet another testimony to me why the word of wisdom (specifically the part about drugs and alcohol) is important.
Friday... We woke up to run.... And our car was gone.... We got towed... from our own complex... The elders before us didn't give us the parking pass and when we met the manager of the complex and asked if we needed to know anything she forgot to tell us about the pass. They lady in the front office was trying to get her boss to cover the charge, but they couldn't. It's going to be super expensive.
But besides that, we got to have a meeting with a general authority, Elder De Hoyos. It was really good! He spoke mostly spanish and I don't speak spanish, but our President did his best to translate. It was good though.
The highlight of my week was Edson Range. This week I got to teach. I was assigned 1 investigator, Recruit Stoll. He is a cool kid from Wisconsin. He went to church a few times at MCRD and prayed and knows the church is true. I taught him the Plan of Salvation and he is shooting to be baptized on September 11.

I also picked up Recruit Holmes. He has visited at MCRD for 3 weeks and they never taught him. By talking to him I found out he wasn't a member and asked him if he'd want to hear the lessons. He's from South Jordan and grew up around mormons. I taught the restoration and he said he would pray and read. As of now, he wants to wait to be baptized so his family can be there.
I also taught Recruit Diaz. He first said he didn't want to hear the lessons, but changed his mind later. He is from Compton. He comes with a Pentecostal and Evangelical background. He already prays and has a strong faith in Christ. He had a few concerns that were resolved and he accepted the whole Restoration... Except baptism... Because he's already baptized in another church. So he said he would pray about it.
I love you all! Have a good week!
Elder Kapp  

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