Monday, August 22, 2016

Carlsbad YSA Week 1 - Giving blessings to recruits

Hey guys! It's been a crazy week this last week. Probably one of the craziest of the mission thus far. I am in Carlsbad YSA with Elder Richards. We are both new in the area and it is tough. We don't know hardly anything about the area or the members, so we are just trying to figure things out. We have been super busy though!

Right when we got here we started setting up lessons and teaching. We taught Delshawn for the first time on Tuesday. He was taught by the elders before us. He is a cool guy, but extremely quiet. He is 19 and was a foster kid in Utah. We taught him again on Thursday. We have been really pushing baptism and trying to get him to see why it is important. We had a lesson last night and we dropped him. He wasn't willing to make changes so we went our separate ways. We hope the best for him.

We also picked up Tom yesterday. He is a PI the last elders had, but we taught him for the first time last night. He is super solid and is shooting to get baptized on September 10. That will be exciting! He is super open and just absorbed the information.

We taught Nathaniel last night as well. He grew up in Mesa, Arizona and is a marine out here. He is 19 years old and his mom was converted over the last few years. His fiance is a less active Mormon as well. We taught him about how the gospel blesses families and eternal families. We will be meeting with him again this next week.

The highlight of my week was going on Edson Range. That was the most humbling experience I've had. We go 7:00 am Sunday morning and meet in this room for church. I walked in to see a room of young, shaved, and exhausted recruits writing letters to their families. They were incredible. Many of them were inactive before coming, but felt the need for church. They are so humble. Unfortunately, I didn't have anyone to teach yesterday, but I got to talk to a lot of the recruits and they said they would bring their friends next week. The recruits are only here for 4 weeks, so we have to work fast :)

The most incredible part was right at the end. Missionaries taught in the hallway, we talked, and they wrote letters the first hour. The next hour was sacrament, and the last was priesthood and teaching again. After the last hour, Elder Gull and I went to the bathroom. When we came back into the room we saw 2 sets of missionaries and 1 set of recruits giving other recruits blessings. The spirit was so strong. These guys have nothing. They are beaten down and even the ones who aren't members have faith to be healed and helped by priesthood authority. It wasn't long after being in there that recruits asked me to give them blessings. I can't wait to go back next Sunday.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Erik Kapp 


Elder Erik Kapp
California Carlsbad Mission
451 West Bobier Drive
Vista, CA 92083-1906

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