Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Carlsbad YSA Week 3 - Exchanges and Passion Fruit for Days

Hey, really busy and interesting week last week! On Tuesday my companion went on exchanges with the Mission President, so I got to go chill with the zone leaders. That was probably one of the best and funnest days of my mission. It was a blast! Minus the fact that I have to bike. I am out of shape. Full time car is killing me and making me a fatty. We did lots of fun stuff on the exchange. We did a little mountain biking and went down this hill in between neighborhoods as a shortcut to avoid a big hill. But there were no alleys to the road. We ended up getting a lady to let us cut through her backyard and through her house to the road. On the way out the front door, Elder Gull contacted her and asked her if she would want hear the lessons. I was surprised she said yes. 

Later we found this passion fruit right by the sidewalk. It was huge, but all the fruit was up higher. Elder Gull got his bike helmet stuck in the tree while trying to knock them down. He had to climb up and get it and got us tons of passion fruit while he was up there. We got bags full. I had never tried passion fruit before, but it was super good! 
We ended up having 2 dinners that night back to back. The first one was funny! Their 2 sons were comparing the three of us missionaries and deciding who was their favorite. (Best tie, best shoes, whitest teeth, etc) and they came to the conclusion that Elder Kapp was the favorite! They ended up giving me a clip on tie before I left!
The next day I was on exchanges again in Spanish work... I was basically just there. But we saw some miracles. We followed promptings and picked them up 2 investigators and gave some blessings! But dinners and stop by's were awkward. No habla espanol...
Finally mid-week Elder Richards and I were together again. We didn't get to do anything crazy or teach anyone. Elder Richards has been sick and we spent half of Saturday in urgent care and in the apartment. We had dinner with and are now best friends with our Ward Mission Leader, Andrew. He's super chill. But we are just trying to find people to teach. We keep dropping our investigators which is hard, but that's the way it goes. 
Edson Range was good. We had 3 baptisms. I taught Nick Stoll again. We were pushing for him to be baptized next week. I sped taught him 2 and a half lessons and then just stopped and felt like he wasn't ready. So I kind of dropped him. I didn't have time to teach Recruit Diaz and my other guy didn't show up. So that was disappointing. 
Today for P-Day I am going to Lego Land. Pretty cool, eh? I didn't realize that we drive past it almost every day. Half of our ward works there so we are getting in for free.
That's my week! Love you!

Elder Kapp

                                                     Passion fruit for days

                                                      This is Oceanside

                                                    Elder de Hoyos Pictures!                                                               

                                                   Richards and I by the ocean

                                   Deacon Mike, a homeless guy we became friends with.

Watching broadcast with the O3 Elders

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