Monday, July 25, 2016

Torrey Pines YSA Week 16 - Hugging Homeless Men in Public Bathrooms... *See Email for Story*

Hey Everyone!

This last week was a little bit slow. We had a lesson with James this last week and he said he would let us know if or when he wants to meet with us again... So that was a bummer! We dropped Raul because we haven't been able to get a hold of him. We still have lots of potentials that we are trying by. We are having fun of course. This ward is hard not to enjoy. The members are some of the best in the world. 

So here is the story to go with the title.... 
We were in Encinitas and Elder George informed me that he desired to use the restroom. So we pulled into a parking lot by the bus/train station to use the public bathroom there. We were about to walk into the bathroom when a homeless man is like, "Ahhh brethren! Are you going to share the good word with us? You going to share a message with us?!" I replied saying, "We would love to! After we go to the bathroom..." (Understand we get stopped by homeless people ALL THE TIME and we aren't supposed to teach them) So we go in the bathroom and I am in the stall when I hear the homeless guy come in and start talking scriptures with Elder George, who is standing at the urinal. I kind of just laughed and then came out to wash my hands. Elder George slipped into the stall I came out and the guy's focus went to me. He was talking about his faith and I was just nodding and listening and then he said, "What's your name?!" extending his hand to shake it. I had just gooped up my hand full of soap and said, "I'm Elder Kapp. What's your name? Sorry my hand has soap all over it." "... You think I'm scared of soap?!" So we shook hands anyways. I continued washing my hands and he started telling me how much he loved us. He started to get a little emotional and said, "It just... It makes me almost want to cry...." Then he just came to me with his arms out and started hugging me. So I hugged him back but he just hugged me tighter... Then Elder George walked out of the stall... The look on his face... PRICELESS! Finally the guy let go and walked out and Elder George was just laughing.

So yeah. Don't hug homeless men in public bathrooms... Wouldn't recommend it...

Have a good week everyone! I love you!

Elder Erik Kapp

                                                              Cool sunset

                                                      Elder George (the man himself)

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