Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Torrey Pines YSA Week 8 - The Power and Importance of the Atonement

Hey everyone! First, I want to congratulate everyone who finished school this last week. Especially those who graduated. YOU DID IT! Now you have to be grown ups now :)

This last week was good! Elder Spencer and I have refocused and recommitted to baptize this last week. This area hasn't had a solid investigator for over 6 months. But we want to baptize SO BAD and we are going to make it happen.

We got Austen, our investigator to volleyball on Tuesday. That was really good! We have a ton of potentials and we are working on them. It's tough because you have to filter them out as "elect" or "not elect". So even though you may have 15 potentials, there is a chance none of them are quite ready to accept the gospel. So we continue filtering, but things are looking up! We have a lesson with Austen this week.

This last week I got to go on exchanges to the Del Mar Ward. That ward also covers the Farsi group in southern California. I guess there are only like 10 farsi groups in the world. We did language studies in the morning for an hour. I learned 7 of the 32 letters of the alphabet. Farsi is super hard and if you are asked to learn a foreign language I would not recommend it.
The exchange was fun though! I got to (had to) bike. The hills in that area are gnarly! Jake would love it here because he does well on hills. It is constantly uphill or downhill. I also held that spider again, because we went to that house on exchanges. Not so scary the second time.

We have FHE tonight and we are doing a photo scavenger hunt. After ward FHE we are going to the Toolson's for FHE with their family and Ty's non member friend (who we will be teaching and baptizing). We are SO EXCITED!

Also, yesterday was Elder Wilde's birthday so we are going to this Mexican restaurant and eating these massive burritos. The best part is Franky (our investigator from Twin Oaks Valley) is coming too! That will be great.

Yesterday was fast Sunday. I felt the spirit so strong during testimony meeting. I want to share my testimony of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for his sacrifice for me. It is so wonderful that He would care for us enough to die for us. He suffered everything. When we cry in prayer because we are struggling, Jesus Christ can say, "I remember feeling that." He can help us because He has been through it already. We can be forgiven for anything! This gospel truth is the most important principle that we could ever know. It is the reason I am here and why we do what we do. We get to suffer just a little as missionaries to get a taste of what Christ went through. Even Christ, the Savior, was rejected. He was denied, beaten, spit upon, and then nailed to a cross. Even when He returned His apostles were rejected and killed. Joseph Smith was rejected. Why do they reject us if it is true? As Elder Holland says, "Salvation is no cheap experience." But as we invite and accept it for ourselves we can experience peace. True peace and happiness come only through the atonement of Jesus Christ. I know this is true. I challenge each of you to find just 1 opportunity to invite or help someone this week. It isn't hard. Invite to church or an activity or to Family Home Evening. Or even just give someone who is struggling a call. As we strive to be more Christlike people are drawn to us and eventually the church we know to be true. I love this gospel and I know with everything I am that it is true. I love you all!

Have a good week!

Elder Erik Kapp

                                          Biking around Del Mar with Elder Yancey

                                            Elder Yancey and I found platform 9 and 3/4
                                         (Harry Potter reference, for those who don't get it)

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