Monday, June 20, 2016

Torrey Pines YSA Week 10 - Bye Bye President...

Hey Everyone!

This last week went by really fast. We got to play whiffle ball for FHE which was a lot of fun. On Wednesday we had exchanges. I went to Del Mar with Elder Wilde. It was great to work around him again! He is such an awesome elder! It only was a bummer because I had to bike a lot!

Thursday we said goodbye to President and Sister Kendrick at District Meeting. That was really sad. I am really going to miss them. After district meeting we decided to make history. Elder Spencer, Elder Bundy, Elder Yancey, and I decided to go to Burger King and eat 120 chicken nuggets between the 4 of us. (That was a stupid thing to do. I felt really sick and ate lots of fruits and veggies the following days to help make up for it) Just 3 hours later we had dinner with a member and he bought 4 pizzas for just 5 of us. I ate a lot of pizza. And to make it better, we also had a lesson with a member who lives on base at Chipotles... then I ate a burrito. I probably put on 10 pounds in one day. It was crazy.

Friday we had weekly planning. That's about it.
Saturday we had the adult session of Stake Conference. That was really good.
Sunday was also Stake conference. President and Sister Kendrick spoke. That was a bit awkward because I was like, "Ahh... I already said goodbye to you guys!" But they did great! We had some great visits on Sunday. And yes... Golden State loss...

This should be a good week. We are going to try to teach a lot of member lessons and try to get to know a lot of the members we don't know yet. Our investigators haven't made any progress. It's a bummer when they don't show up to lessons. Why don't investigators understand it's important to show up to those lesson things?! But we will keep working with them.

I am still hopeful for next week! it will happen!

Happy Fathers Day dads!

Love you guys! Have a good week!

Elder Erik Kapp

                                             Sweet car in church parking lot

                                              Bye to President and Sister Kendrick

                                                            Chicken Nuggets for Days!

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