Monday, July 24, 2017

Back to the 'Dido

I'm back in Escondido! Things are going well in Palomar YSA. I'm with my new companion, Elder Wilson. He's a good guy! He is from Mission Viejo. He's here for a 3 month assignment. 

When we got to the area we didn't have a current ward list, a GPS, or a ward map. However, Elder Wilson and I pressed forward and figured it out! We had a lesson with Anthony, a former investigator. It went really well. Elder Wilson did a really great job and we picked him back up as an investigator! He wants to get baptized, but doesn't want to make it awkward for his family.

We also got to teach on Edson Range. That's the Marine Boot Camp on Camp Pendleton. We go there every Sunday morning now. It's so great! We saw a lot of success! We taught 3 investigators. One of them wants to get baptized in 2 weeks! We are going to teach him the commandments next week and get him his baptism interview. 

Elder Wilson and I got to go see a lot of the people from my greenie ward. We went to the McMasters on Friday. They were the fellowshippers for my first investigator, Franky Hunt. Now President McMaster is the Stake President. They are doing so well! It was great to see them.

On Sunday we went down to Del Mar for a Regional YSA Conference. It was awesome! It was fun because my last 5 wards were there because they were all YSA's. It was so great to see those people. I miss them.

Elder Wilson and I are going to hit the ground running this week. It's nice not to have all the responsibilities and worries of being in leadership. It's kind of hard to find stuff to do all the time, because I'm used to having a lot of my day taken for meetings, preparing for meetings/trainings, or set appointments. 

I love you all! 

Elder Kapp

Elder Wilson and I

Playing football in the rain this morning.

All the trainers and greenies in the mission!

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