Monday, May 23, 2016

Torrey Pines YSA Week 6 - Transfers...

Hello everyone! Elder Kapp here live from Carlsbad California!

I just felt like starting this email like a news cast. Just the mood I was in today. This last week was really good. A blessed week, indeed! We got transfer calls... Elder Kapp is going to be transferred to......

I am staying here... with Elder Spencer... :)   

Here's the run down of our week...

Monday we played kickball. That was a lot of fun! My team won. Not that we were being competitive or anything... but we won...

Tuesday we volunteered at the Community Resource Center. It is like the equivalent of the bishop's storehouse except not Mormon. While we were there we got a call from Del Mar with a referral. Then I hung up and Olivenhain called and gave us a referral. I walked inside and 10 minutes later we get a call from an unknown number. It was Sisters from Phoenix Arizona giving us a referral. (It was cool because I knew one of the sisters! I met her at Kole Cook's farewell. Her name is Sister Greener) So all of that was really great and a lot of potential for us!

On Thursday we had Zone Conference. It was awesome! I love hearing from President and the Assistants. It was sad because he goes home at the end of this next transfer. I will really miss him. After that I had exchanges with Elder Gantner. We went to Institute and talked to a lot of people. That night he got called to be a district leader, so I spent the beginning of Friday in Carlsbad 4th ward while he was at a training meeting.

Friday we had home inspections and planned. It was kind of an average day.

Saturday we were able to talk to a ton of people and see all of our homeless buddies on the streets. They are so funny. We gave one of them a Book of Mormon, then as this group was walking by he said, "Hey! Have you read this book? Here have it!" It's cool when people do your job for you and place BOM's for you. No complaints whatsoever.

Sunday we had a bit of disappointment. Alex and the other investigators didn't show up to church... Ahhh.... The struggle of a missionary...

Today for FHE we have Family Feud. That will be a blast! We are going to get in touch with our investigators and try schedule lessons. Hopefully we will have lots to update you all on next week. We will try to baptize someone in the next 7 days, but President wants us to set righteous and reasonable goals so don't be too heartbroken if that actually takes place in a few weeks. BUT WE WILL BAPTIZE THIS TRANSFER! We feel the work picking up. It will be the first baptism in this area in a while.

I love you all and appreciate all the support. you all are great and I love you!

Elder Erik Kapp


Elder Erik Kapp
California Carlsbad Mission
451 West Bobier Drive
Vista, CA 92083-1906

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