Monday, May 16, 2016

Torrey Pines YSA Week 5 - Elder Scrooge and Elder Amish

Hey everyone. It's that time of the week again. This last week, of course, has been a good time. As Elder Myers says, "Let the good times roll." And they be rollin'.

Our week started with an excellent FHE. We played Bunko. Well, when I say "we" I mean "they".  Because the missionaries weren't allowed to play because we can't play games of chance. But I was there for moral support and mostly just ate candy. But it was fun! Today we are playing Kickball for FHE.

Tuesday we tried to contact referrals and had dinner at our Bishop's house. The ward played beach volleyball, but we just stand on the path because our mission ends at the sand. Which is a bummer we can't play. It looks fun!

Wednesday we got to go to the mission home in Carlsbad to pick something up from Sister Kendrick. She's the best!

Thursday was zone training meeting. I had to give a discussion on "Becoming a Superstar Missionary". I was really stressed out because about an hour before I decided I needed to rewrite. I didn't quite finish the whole rewrite thing. So I got up and I think it went well. We also went to Institute that night which is always a blast! I loved learning about the New Testament. Except I was sick Thursday, so it was a struggle to keep my head up. But the spirit was strong!

Fridays are always interesting. We had Weekly Planning and helped Matt with building his house. He took us out for lunch. We got sushi. All I can say is if you like sushi, you be you. I don't. I don't get why people would enjoy eating raw fish. I also got cooked (barely) salmon and miso soup, which is fermented soy bean soup with tofu and seaweed... Not my favorite meal. The dumplings were great though!

Also, Friday we picked up a solid potential investigator! He wants to come to church and activities before he takes the lessons, but he is super sincere and solid. His name is Alex and is planning on church next Sunday! It will be nice to start teaching lessons again!

Saturday was the usually work grind. Stopping by members, asking everyone we see if they want to learn about Jesus, and that kind of stuff. We taught some active members, the Cross's, that morning. They always make us malts. Those are good!

Sunday we went home teaching with Blake, a member in our ward. We went to church and had dinner with the Poppletons. They are super cool. They have lots of costume type things for plays and we took some funny pictures which will be included.

Today for Pday we have zone activity at the Jones'. They are some members in the Olivenhain ward who have a big house in Rancho Santa Fe. That will be a blast.

This last week I have been really working on my studies of the Book of Mormon. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and I have prayed about it. I wouldn't leave so much behind at home to preach a bunch of lies. (especially for how much we get paid 😉)  This gospel is true! It brings peace and happiness to our lives! I love you all and hope you have a good week!

Love Elder Kapp

PS we have a giant picture of Jesus in our apartment.


Elder Erik Kapp
California Carlsbad Mission
451 West Bobier Drive
Vista, CA 92083-1906

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