Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 2 Torrey Pines YSA - Miracles for Days

Hey everyone!

So this last week was quite the turn around! Love it when that happens. Last Monday I totally rolled my ankle playing basketball, but remarkably it didn't effect my week at all.

Tuesday we had dinner with the Cross's. They are super cool. Their son Daniel is in our ward. They really like us and are really funny. He worked at Sea World for his career as a trainer! After dinner we did service for them. That consisted of us refilling ammunition for his guns. Basically, we were taking shells, filling them with gunpowder, and putting the projectile together. It was cool!

Wednesday we got a referral from the Encinitas elders for a less active named Chris. He moved here from Utah for rehab. He hasn't been to church since he was 14 years old. We contacted him and invited him to institute. On Thursday, Chris was picked up by Dallin (a super solid member). When we got there, there were three of them. Chris talked one of his non-member friends, Cisco, to come. They both felt the spirit and it was just awesome. We gave them both copies of the Book of Mormon. Then we had a late dinner with Vanessa and Gosha. Vanessa is from Brazil and Gosha was baptized 2 weeks ago. She is from Polland. It was super good.

Friday we ate dinner at the Pecks. Their daughter just got home from a mission and is a member in our ward. We ate Greek. We were eating and I thought, "This is really cool tasting beef. I wonder how it was cooked." Right then I heard someone say, Will you pass the lamb?
.... I turned to the Sisters and said, "What am I eating?!" "Lamb"

".... Alright... Cool." So yeah. I ate lamb. And then after dinner they showed us their bunnies. They were adorable.
After dinner we went to Dallin's. We set up a personal mission plan and asked him how he thought we could move the work forward in  our ward.

Later that night we were contacting around. This Christian guy came up to us and asked if my feet hurt. Duh, my feet hurt! So he asked if he could pray for my feet. I was like, yeah sure. He did and told me to walk and test it out... So I did. He asked if it was 100% healed. I said no, but it felt better (didn't want to lie or hurt his feelings). SO he tried again, but now touching my foot telling the Lord this pain was to leave my foot. This time when he asked if it was healed, I said yes (because of time and convenience).
Ironically, 5 minutes later one of our Non-Members, Devin, called us over across the street at this burger place. He had a work accident a few weeks ago where a forklift broke his foot in 3 places and 1 break in his knee. We prayed for it with him last week. He said, "The pain is completely gone! Will you pray for it again." So he popped his foot up and asked me to lay my hands on it to pray. (yep. GROSS) I think I was touching it with just my finger tips, but he said he felt relief!

Saturday we did a sweet service project. But here's the miracle of the day.
We were driving around Encinitas looking for a place to park. The Encinitas Street fair was going on and we knew there was a ton of people there to talk to. As we were driving, I saw 2 familiar faces. I yelled out the window and Jaycee McMaster and McKayla Evans from Twin Oaks Valley came over where we pulled the car over. Jaycee is dating Frankie, my investigator from TOV and Mckayla is Bishop's daughter. We talked about Frankie and how he is doing. She said he has been busy and a little nervous about getting baptized and said he missed me. She told us when we could visit him at work, which is in Cardiff right by our apartment.
Less than an hour later, we decided to walk down this dirt road. We had no idea where it went to. Lo and behold, standing there by his car at the end of the road is Frankie! It was super crazy. We talked about him being taught and baptism. He actually asked if we could teach him. That made me sad to have to say no. But It was good for him.

What are the odds they would be right there at that time. Both of them! Heavenly Father works in so many amazing ways.

Tonight we are performing a skit in the talent show tonight for FHE. That will be interesting... We will let you know how it goes.

I love you all. sorry the email was so darn long. Have a great week!

Elder Erik Kapp


Elder Erik Kapp
California Carlsbad Mission
451 West Bobier Drive
Vista, CA 92083-1906

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