Monday, March 21, 2016

Pre Easter Email

Hey everyone! This last week was another good one for the books, but it was very up and down.

First, we can start with the bad stuff that happened and end happy. So Joanita dropped us... We went by her house and asked when we could teach her again and, well.... Sounds like someone told her something she didn't like, because she said she heard some stuff about the church history and she wasn't interested anymore. (Dang it...) 

A less active we've been working with fell off the wagon and relapsed this week and lost contact with us. That was sad. 

We found out Elder Glover, our beloved Zone Leader, is getting transferred immediately... He's made it to the pro's. He was assigned to be an assistant to the president. We're happy for him, but I'm really going to miss him. 

We officially picked up David as an investigator! He's a great chap and we are teaching him tomorrow. He's come to church 4 times now.

We taught Franky again! That was great! I am really sure that he is going to get baptized! We haven't set a date with him yet because he doesn't really know anything about baptism, so we should probably teach him about it first... We are teaching him this Thursday and he is coming to church on Sunday! 

Brother Birch was released as a ward missionary and called to be High Priest Group leader. That's awesome. Guess who I am sitting by at ward council? 

I guess the only other thing is the lizard fight. There are little lizards that are everywhere. They are crawling back and forth on the sidewalk, but there were a couple pretty big ones fighting and we tried to save the loser, but then he ran away. I just got really sad because that was probably the most exciting thing that happened... 

Well I love you all! Have a good Easter. Check out the Easter video on It's real good! 

Elder Kapp

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