Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Week

Hey everyone! Happy Easter! (yesterday....)

It seems like my weeks go up and down. This week was a for sure an up.

On Tuesday we got to teach David. We are beginning to see a definite change in him. He feels the presence of the Holy Ghost in his life and has been able to withstand temptations to drink. We also met, Daniella, a potential investigator we met on the streets.

Wednesday we went to teach Daniella. Guess she forgot... But we rescheduled!!!

Thursday we had district meeting. I gave a discussion on, "The blessings pertaining to keeping the Lord's commandments and being obedient". I think it was a success. We also taught David. We taught the plan of salvation and didn't get to finish. He asked a lot of questions, but we didn't have time because we were about to go teach Frankie. Frankie's lesson was AWESOME!!! He's great. He got hurt surfing and had to get 4 staples in the back of his head the day before, but said he didn't want to cancel our lesson. At the end of the lesson we asked him if he would be baptized. He said he would, but we didn't set a date. 

Friday was fun :)
We went to teach Daniella again. She needs a calendar or something because she wasn't there. Again. ("Daniella? Don't you know you're gonna get baptized?!") 
We then had a service project with a nonmember. She had a traumatizing experience with her husband who is now in jail and we cleaned up her yard. She said she wasn't going to come to church this week, but we will stop by again soon. I caught a lizard during the service project. Pictures will follow. After that we gave the Sisters' investigator, Bonnie, a blessing because her back was hurting. She is on date to be baptized April 17, but still isn't positive about Joseph Smith. It was great to share our testimonies with her and try to help.

Saturday was crazy. We had lunch with the Wongs. Wow. Brother Wong is a good cook. He is from Tahiti and him and his wife have been less active for over 10 years, but he has some crazy spiritual stories!! After that we went to the Cid's 7 year old daughters b-day party. We only stopped by, but it was funny. They are both from the Philippines. 

Easter Sunday was great! We didn't have ward council and we didn't have to run, so we got to sleep in!!! (to 7:00) Frankie came to church! But David has gone MIA. Brother Birch said he wasn't there when they were going to meet on Saturday and he didn't come to church. Hopefully he didn't relapse... Michael Weaver gave his farewell talk! When I got here, he wasn't sure if he would even go on a mission. He began going on splits with us and leaves to South Carolina on April 12. 

The work is great. Elder Wilde and I are having lots of fun! Transfers are coming around the corner and the polls have spoken... The other missionaries think I'm leaving, EXCEPT ME. I want to stay here 14 more transfers :) Just kidding. I love it here, but change will be cool. I love it here. The people are amazing. I can't wait for general conference. 

Al Stroes, one of my favorite members, is going to General Conference in Salt Lake with a couple other people from here and will be going to Priesthood Session with Dad, Jake, and Caden. THAT WILL BE COOL!

I love you all. Thank you for all the love and support. I loved the Easter packages and, as you will see in the following pictures, so does Elder Wilde :)

Love, Elder Kapp

P.S. We began gardening and growing little plants Sister Whiteley-Ross gave to us. (Members from England are hilarious and my favorite.)

                                                    Someone stole my bike seat:(
                              This is Al who is coming to Utah for conference.

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