Monday, February 8, 2016

Pushing through the pain = Better Results

Week 4 is put away!

It has been a good week full of many challenges, opportunities, and general fun stuff.

The week started pretty slow. Our bishop gave us a list of new move ins and people who we need to try to get the addresses for. On Tuesday we had dinner with the Grows. Brother Grow has been out ward mission leader and he has been awesome! He has helped us so much, but he is moving this week. We are going to miss them.

Wednesday is when the fun started. IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! And we had our home inspection... So we spent the night before and the morning of cleaning the apartment. But after I opened my presents, we went to the church and the sisters baked the cake the family sent me. That was cool. After, we felt like going to Kevin's. Which is weird, because we had decided to drop him... But we went there and his little brother, Cesar, was locked out of the house. He is 11 years old and we ended up playing soccer with him for over a half hour and talking to him about scouts and being taught. When he got a hold of his mom (on our phone), he asked her if he could do scouts. We are working it out and meeting them tomorrow!

Also, we got free girl scout cookies from a member!

Thursday, I had my quarterly interview with President Kendrick... It went really well. I am really sad he is going to be leaving in June. While I was waiting for my turn to interview, we were just talking to Sister Kendrick. They are two of the funnest and loving people I've met. I really enjoyed it. President gave me some really great pointers and encouragement.

Thursdays are crazy for us. Every Thursday we teach 2 less actives and 1 part member family. 
At 1:00 we taught Jim. He was baptized when he was 13 but hasn't been active for over 25 years. He likes hearing what we really believe rather than what he has heard before. 
At 7:00 we met with the Alsnaurs. Saralyn is great, but her husband still won't take the lessons... Even though he comes to church every week... He is a super nice guy.
At 8:00 we teach the Hollmans. They are older and work on Sundays and can't come to church. The ward was surprised we even got in, but we have a good relationship with them.

Friday was a little rough at first. I woke up feeling really sick. We had weekly planning and it took FOREVER!!! We went to dinner with the Wongs. They are less active and haven't been for 20 years, but are super strong spiritually. They say they are taking a break from church. They fed us filet mignon. It was amazing. I got to give the dinner message and I invited them to come to church with us. They said probably not this week, but soon. 
After dinner we had miracle after miracle. We have struggled to find new people, but in 30 minutes we set 3 lessons with new potentials for this week. WOW! Just like that our area came to life.

Saturday we pounded the pavement. We stopped by over 10 potentials and set times to come back with most of them. IT'S FINALLY PICKING UP! We have the potential to pick up over 6 investigators and 2 families this week.  If we had bad attitudes and gave up it wouldn't have happened. Heavenly Father always blesses us when we take those last few, difficult steps. Just like working out, when it starts hurting and getting hard that's when we see the most results. The harder we push through the difficult parts, the better the results will be. 

Tonight we have a lesson and have a lot of work to do. Tomorrow we have zone conference, which I am very excited for.

Also, we went to Nordstrom Rack today to buy ties and a member saw us and bought us all ties :)

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and cards! It means a lot! Love you all!!

Elder Kapp

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