Monday, March 20, 2017

Transfers and Milkshakes with Butterfield Stage

This week was crazy! Transfers were nuts! Every area in our zone had at least one missionary transfer except for one. We had 3 companionships white wash in with greenies, so we had to help them with getting everything figured out. We did a lot of running around and introducing members to Elder Gull. Elder Gull and I are having lots of fun! He's a great guy! 
We had lots of crazy stuff happen. One of our less actives gave us a call and had a bit of a break down. We stopped by his place and he had groceries and stuff all over his yard, but he wasn't home. We haven't heard from him since. I guess that was the welcome Elder Gull got to Temecula.
We weren't able to pick up any new investigators this last week, but the missionaries we have in our zone are incredible! They stacked out zone! Temecula has been on a bit of a struggle for a while, but things are picking up a ton! At zone greet, Elder Gull and I made the theme for the transfer, "Make Temecula Great Again!" We are already seeing miracles left and right!
On Wednesday we were at the ward talent show. For the closing act the Elders quorum was doing a game show type thing where people volunteered to go up to win a plate of cookies. What they were doing is having them draw 3 random ingredients from a hat (it was super nasty stuff! Veggies, cheetos, gravy, hot sauce, chocolate, mustard, etc...), then they made a milkshake out of it and if they drank it they got a plate of cookies. So they were finishing up and Thomas and McKenzie, two YSA aged members in the ward, started chanting "Missionaries! Missionaries!" and everyone joined in. Then Brother Downs stood up and called us out. So we go on the stage and they didn't have us draw out of the bag, which we thought was weird. After a few minutes they bring out these shakes and it smelled NASTY! They had Elder Gull and I race and I started drinking. It turns out they put EVERYTHING in it. I almost threw up after I swallowed it. It was the nastiest thing I've ever tasted. SO BAD! The guy that made them didn't expect us to drink it because it was so bad, let alone drink all of it. But we did it and got our cookies. Best of all members made a video of it and sent it to our parents. 
No pictures this week!

Love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Kapp

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