Monday, February 13, 2017

Butterfield Stage/Temecula Valley YSA Week 9 - ZTM and Blessings

Hey everyone!

This last week was good! We had zone training meeting. That was pretty good. We trained on keeping commitments and following up. It went pretty well.

We taught Janet Butters again. We talked about the importance of keeping commitments (practicing what we preached) and why it's important to read the Book of Mormon. She voiced a few concerns that I feel like will be easily resolved.

We also got a lot done with the YSA branch. We visited a ton of less actives and invited them to attend and also a lot of actives that attend the family wards. There is a lot of potential there and we are hoping to grow the branch.

Yesterday we had a cool experience after our first ward. We were stopping people on our YSA list and felt inspired to stop by a less active we never met. When we knocked, a woman came to the door. She said she was sick and that she couldn't go to church today. We felt inspired to ask her if she needed a blessing. She said, "How did you know?!" She went on to tell us she was waiting for a liver transplant and she had been trying to get a blessing but she couldn't get a hold of anyone. It was a really sweet blessing and seemed to help her. It's interesting how God uses us sometimes. We think we are doing one thing, but Heavenly Father is putting us somewhere for another purpose.

I love you all and hope you have a good week!

Elder Kapp

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