Monday, February 6, 2017

Butterfield Stage/Temecula Valley YSA Week 8 - Sick Week and Birthday

Hey everyone. This week was really long and very hard. On Monday I woke up feeling extremely weak and tired. Tuesday I woke up feeling a lot worst and we went to the doctor. We found out the pneumonia had come back and it was just as bad, if not worst, than before. I got put on more antibiotics and got injections 3 times during the week. Worst of all, I was not allowed to work for 3 days and I am not allowed to exercise or play sports for 2-3 months... I felt super weak and tired all week, but am feeling better. Hopefully I kick it this week.

The only thing I was really able to attend was meetings, lunches, and dinners. We had zone welcome on Wednesday and we had to drive people around to get groceries. It made me exhausted. We had lunch with Ian Lumsden on Thursday for my birthday. We went to Red Robin, which is where Jake and I would always go as a kid! It was a lot of fun.

On Friday we went to MLC. It was also my birthday. It was a good meeting. We went to dinner at the Fords. They made me a cake and gave me a couple presents. It was super nice of them!

Sunday we had Stake Correlation meeting with the stake, mission president, and all the ward mission leaders. It was good! We had church all day and just stopped by people at night.

Thank you for all the birthday cards and packages! I really appreciated it! I love you all and hope you have a good week!

Elder Kapp

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