Monday, January 9, 2017

Butterfield Stage/Temecula Valley YSA Week 4 - ZTM and #MIRACLE

Hey everyone! Sorry last week we didn't have much time. Because the libraries were closed we had to do all our preparations for Zone Training Meeting on P-Day. 

So Wednesday we had the ZTM and that went pretty well. The AP's were on exchanges, so I was blessed to have Elder Phillips, my trainer, come to my first ZTM. Not going to lie, it was super stressful. I didn't feel ready, but as it started going I felt a lot better. I think it went really well. Our training on Repentance went really well. It was all about the new year and using it as an opportunity to change and move on. We used the talk "Remember Lot's Wife" by Jeffrey R Holland a lot. In the training we talked about forgiving ourselves and forgiving others. We had them write down what they need to forgive in themselves and others and we planned to have them tie it to a balloon and let them go... But the balloons didn't have a ton of helium in them and when we had the companionship tie their papers to the balloon, they didn't float... So only half the zone got to repent. Either way, I think it went well.
Thursday we actually went down to the temple with our investigator Liz and the YSA. We just sat in the waiting area with her but she loved it and it was really good for her. She felt the spirit and I think it was a big step for her. #Miracle
Friday we did weekly planning and brought a member from the YSA, Shane with us. It was really good! 
Saturday I went to the doctor... Again. I still wasn't feeling better so I went back in. Over the last 6 months I've felt sick and exhausted on and off regularly. It turns out I have pneumonia. It's nice to be on medicine. It feels like it's working and hopefully I will be able to get back to work. 
We also took Max Lundquist out with us. He's a super cool guy. We visited Shane Peterson. He is a professional baseball player. He just signed with the Rays. He was a really neat guy and fun to talk to him. We will probably help him and his brother work on a house they are building before he goes to spring training. #Miracle Our dinner cancelled that night and the Lundquist were having some nonmember family over and we got invited! It was cool. Sis Lundquist's father is from Switzerland and E. Gantner got to speak in his native language with him. #Foreigner
Sunday we had a ton of meetings and church all day. We had a lesson with Maddy Neugart after our first ward. We are planning her baptism more and getting everything figured out. #Miracle We also got a new ward mission leader in Butterfield Stage, Brother Murphy. He is awesome! He lived in the ward before and just moved back a couple weeks ago. After our first meeting yesterday, he said he had a nonmember family that he knew on our street and he wanted to invite them to take the lessons. We said a prayer that it'd go well with him and we went our separate ways. He called us that night and they accepted the invite to have dinner with us on Thursday! #Miracle I think he will do a good job as a ward mission leader :)
I love you all. Hope you have a good week. Make good choices. 
Elder Kapp

                                                     Dinner with Max and Royce Lundquist 

                                       The girl with the dark hair is our investigator, Liz.

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