Monday, January 23, 2017

Butterfield Stage/Temecula Valley YSA Week 6 - More Miracles!

This last week was awesome! VERY BUSY! We went to a bunch of meetings, but the work in our area is just taking off! We got a new ward mission leader in both wards and they are both on FIRE! We are teaching more people and finding more in our area than the rest of the zone combined! (There are 12 companionships in our zone.) So that's pretty good! Maddy is as solid as ever. She is pretty much an active member. Honestly, she is one of the most solid young women in the ward and she isn't even baptized! She has a ton of non-members coming to her baptism. We just have one last lesson with her on Thursday then the baptism this Sunday!!!

Our ward mission leader, Brother Murphy, found us ANOTHER FAMILY to teach. It's a less active part member family and the wife isn't a member. We had dinner with them at the Murphy's on Saturday and taught them the restoration and we gave the wife a Book of Mormon. She said she would read it! Their names are the Simmons.

We also picked up another part member family, the Roneys. Their daughter is like 16 and is active, but they have an 8 year old son and the dad wants to baptize him, but he isn't coming to church. They are super busy with sports. The wife isn't a member and she said we could come by and teach them this week. Bro. Roney wants to come back to church and get a temple recommend so he can do baptisms for his brother that passed when he was 11

We weren't able to get into the Butters this last week to teach Janet, so that was a bummer.

We taught Kindra again this last week too. She is friends with our recent convert, Mike. She is pretty strong Christian and hasn't formally kept commitments, so we just meet with her periodically at Mike's house. She said after she reads the Book of Mormon and knows it's true she would be baptized!

Our new Branch Mission Leader, Brock, brought a nonmember to church this last week and we taught the restoration to him in Sunday School!

I love this ward so much! It's been great!

Really quick, I had a cool self realization this last week I wanted to share. A lot of the times we forget that the other people in the world have lives of their own and that it's not all about you. It's kind of like we are the main characters of our own life story. We have the choice to be either the hero or the victim of our lives... Will we save the day or wait to be saved? The rest of the world is the supporting cast. They can be good guys or bad guys or not really have an effect on us or our life. The cool thing is we can write the script for what we do in our lives.

Well I came to the realization that when my life story is centered on me it really isn't that interesting or have any value to anyone else but me. But I thought about all the people who have a positive influence on me and have played "Heroes" in my life. In my book of life, there are some incredible people who have repeatedly made appearances and helped me out.
So here's the conclusion. If we put more of an effort to be the "hero" or the good guy in other people's lives our lives become more meaningful. There are - what- 7.5 billion people? There are more than enough people that we can influence for good. Like Paul says in 1Corinthians 13, the greatest of all is charity.

So I am going to work on that and focus on others. Sorry you had to listen to (well I guess read) my rant.

I love you all!

Elder Kapp

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