Monday, December 12, 2016

Carlsbad YSA Week 17 - Transferring out to Temecula

Hey friends and family. This last week has been absolutely crazy! We have been so busy and the days feel like they didn't happen. So I am getting transferred to Temecula! I will be serving in the Butterfield Stage Ward and Temecula YSA as a zone leader with Elder Gantner. I am nervous for the move, but excited. Elder Hadfield was also called as a ZL and he will be going to Oceanside 3rd... Big move... haha.
This last week has consisted of lots of member lessons, zone training meeting, and planning and filming videos for our ward mission plan. Just really busy and stressful.
On Thursday we were walking around and met this man named Carlos who was trying to put a brick path in his front yard. He let us help him. It took about 3 hours. He was from Mexico and spoke decent English. We put cement in and he showed us how to be good workers like he learned in Mexico. It was a really neat experience.
We also had a lesson with Delshawn. We went over the sacrament prayers. I got to bless the sacrament with him on Sunday! IT WAS SO COOL! There is no sweeter feeling in the world than seeing someone change their life to be happier.

Friday Elder Hadfield and I went to the new leadership meeting because E. Hadfield has never been in leadership before. We weekly planned and started getting things ready for the new missionaries. We also visited our member Ramiro on base. He just had nose surgery.
Saturday we got transfer calls and worked on filming the videos. 
Sunday we had our last Sunday on Edson Range. I got to ordain Recruit Vega-Salzar a priest!! Crazy to think he was baptized a week ago!!! It was great!
I am very sad to leave this area. I love the people here and I am grateful for all the opportunities I've had. Elder Hadfield and I have left it all on the field and I am sad to go our separate ways, but I know he will continue to grow and become an even more incredible missionary.

I love you all!
Elder Kapp

                                                               Caleb Reiley

                                                               Human Mario kart!

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