Monday, December 19, 2016

Butterfield Stage/Temecula Valley YSA Week 1 - New Area and MERRY CHRISTMAS

I have been in Temecula for less than a week now and I already love it. It is such a cool area! I am with Elder Gantner and we are covering two wards. We are over the Butterfield Stage ward and Temecula Valley YSA branch. It's hard trying to figure out 2 wards at once, but I love it! I am having so much fun, but I feel like a chicken with my head cut off. Especially with being a new Zone Leader and people asking me for help it's scary because I don't know a thing.

The work is so good right now! We have investigators in both of our wards.

On Monday I said some tough goodbyes to Carlsbad YSA. That was hard. I also hated packing. I got here Tuesday and we just stopped by some members and planned Zone Welcome. 
Wednesday we had Zone Welcome. We taught a part member family, the Butters and stopped by a lot of members. 
Thursday we had a ton of stop bys and taught Liz, our investigator in the YSA. She had a baptism date but she had some set backs. She is super cool! It was fun teaching her. We're going to try to get her back on date this week.
We also taught Maddy Neugart. She is 16 and has been active in church most of her life. Her parents are divorced and her dad wouldn't let her get baptized, so she has been waiting until she turns 18. This last week her mom got full custody so Maddy can get baptized! She wants us to come by twice a week up til her baptism later in January. She is super cool! We are excited for her to get baptized!
On Thursday we also stopped by the Lewis'. They used to live in our ward in Clinton and I was trying to catch Tyler.
Friday we taught Kindra. She is very Christian and friends with a recent convert in our ward. She is very strong in the Bible, but she is open and likes to learn. 
Sunday was crazy! Because our wards are at the same time we had to split so I went to the family ward by myself! I don't really know anyone yet, but it was really good.

I really love this area. There is such a great vibe from Temecula. It is a very Mormon community. It's like a Utah community in California. The members are incredible. I am super excited to be here.


Love Elder Kapp

                                            Spaghetti Carbonara
                                       Dinner Yesterday with the Goss family!

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