Monday, January 11, 2016


Transfers are this week. We got the news on where we are going and.....

Elder Kapp....................................... 

Is going............................................. 

... be staying in San Marcos, Twin Oaks Valley 😊
Elder Phillips on the other hand is going to Del Mar to be a zone leader. My new companion is going to be Elder Wilde. (NOT PHILLIPS!) He is pretty young to the mission. I think this is his 3rd or 4th transfer. The only thing I have been told about him is, "Elder Wilde? He looks like he is 12!" But we are going to work our tails off to bring some life into our area. He sounded like a cool kid when he called the other day. On Tuesday I am going to be with the zone leaders, Elder Richards and Elder Glover, which is going to be a blast. Those two have taught me that you can be obedient and work hard and still have fun. 
Elder Phillips told me he submitted to President Kendrick that I could train, so I am a little less stressed out knowing I'm not training.  

We set new goals for this next quarter. As a mission, we are...
1) Baptizing 101 people
2) Every MISSIONARY (not area) will baptize.
So we have a lot to do. This week I set the goal of 6 new investigators based on the solid potential investigators, former investigators, and referrals we have. I have decided I have a lot of faith or if I am just out of my mind haha. But I know that won't just fall into our lap. We will be working like crazy this next week in order to get stuff done. We still don't have any investigators... YET!

I decided I need to start being happier. I have been so stressed and down on myself. I need to make my work fun. It is hard to see the positive when you have been working for 6 weeks and have only taught 2 lessons, but who am I to measure my success? I was reading in D&C 122. If you think your life is too hard and you need a break, read it. Then realize you are blessed. Joseph Smith is basically saying, "I am going through all of this and it is just getting worse. Can you give me a break?" and Heavenly Father says, "Well, Jesus Christ endured all the pain you are going through and more. 'Art thou greater than He?' " It helped a lot.

So many of you might have heard, but it rained here. A LOT. There was also a tornado warning, so we had to go inside on Wednesday. I got soaked!!! We had to borrow the sisters' hair dryer because both of our shoes were still soaked. It is too bad because there is nobody to talk to in the rain. Californians are weird when it comes to rain. Like, earthquakes? No big deal. But as soon as moisture starts falling from the sky?! HOLY COW! It's like the world is ending! They drive SOOOO SLOW! It is really funny. The other bad thing is the ground is super dry, so when it rains the dirt and weeds plug up the storm drains and it floods roads and sidewalks... Where we walk... But it could be worst! I actually have enjoyed it.

Last night we went over to Al's so Elder Phillips and Sister Larsen could say goodbye. It was so much fun! I have never laughed so hard in my life. Ron was there. Ron is in his 30's I think. He has some mental disability, but he lives by himself.  He is the funniest. He walks into church with a bag of chips, a big gulp, shorts and flip flops. He is super honest and he basically roasted me all night. I will see if I can send a picture.

So I am excited to be staying in TOV. This ward is the best. We are going to make something happen.

I am super grateful for all the support. Really, every email means a lot. I try to email everyone back. If I am missing any one's email just have them send me a quick one so I can add them! I love you all and appreciate everything! 
Elder Kapp

                                                                      Drying our shoes
It rained

                                                                   This is Ron

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