Monday, January 4, 2016

Square One

Hey everyone,

So this last week went very different than we hoped.. This was probably one of the most frustrating weeks of the mission (I know I haven't had a ton but still). Last email I said how, after lots of patience and hard work, we had picked up some new investigators. We lost 'em. We got dropped and Akilah moved to San Diego, which was really not fun because we taught her and she said she would be baptized. So some lucky missionary in the San Diego mission just got a golden referral for an investigator that has already committed to baptism.. We called Derek last Monday to set up a return appointment and he said he didn't want to be taught anymore and how it was time for him to start teaching...

The whole week was just hard. We lost our investigators, our potentials we were excited about weren't really interested, and we received A LOT of rejection. We were cussed at. Doors were closed on our faces. People went out of their way (literally walked up the street) just to "bash" with us. And we were just not finding people to talk to. It was hard. It is sad that their are people in the world who think it is sickening and unacceptable to have a Mormon missionary say hi to their child or offer them service.

So this week has been a bit slow. We got a couple of potentials, but nothing solid. we are working so hard and trying to find new investigators!!!  I have never worked so hard in my life. Last night I walked in and went straight to planning by myself because Elder Phillips had to get numbers as a District Leader. I finished and just face planted on my bed. I woke up the next morning with my shoes on, still tied, still wearing my proselyting clothes. Elder Phillips said, "Yeah, I was on the phone with the zone leaders and started talking to you. Then I realized you fell asleep in 3 seconds." I am exhausted ever day. But, I LOVE IT.

However, the week had SEVERAL incredible moments. We were able to contact one of our potential investigators. They are a young couple, David and Amie. Amie was sick, so we couldn't teach her, but I pray I will be able to email more about them as we teach them. We got a lot done on the ward list. We found out about lots of members who had moved or weren't interested. We set multiple return appointments with less actives.

We were taken to lunch last Monday by a member in another ward in our area. He was rewarding us for contacting so many people. We went to a barbeque. Like a fancy one. Where I got a $30.00 meal AND he gave us all presents. I got a small bag and candies. This guy, Victor, is in his late 20's maybe early 30's and he is LOADED $$$. He was wearing a watch that cost $37,000! It had diamonds all over. I will send a picture. He starts businesses and was baptized a year ago. He bought watches and suits for the Elders that went shopping with him after lunch... I wish I went shopping with him after lunch... 

On New Years we went to the Birch's. They gave us root beer floats and we got some referrals and made plans to visit them. (I promise we don't just go for the root beer floats...)

So transfers are next week. They did away with transfer meetings which everyone hates. But I will get a call this Saturday figuring out if I am going or staying in TOV. We will see! Pray I stay!

This church is true! It has been very hard, but I love it here. I enjoy every day. My companion and I get along really well and are always laughing. I know we haven't found much success this week, but Heavenly Father is just keeping me humble ;) . I know as we keep working hard and doing everything we can we will find the people Heavenly Father has prepared for us.

I love you all and hope you enjoyed your New Years!
Elder Kapp

                                      "Greenies" at the Christmas party with the AP's (elves)
                                                                             (left to right)
                     Elder Nanny, me, Mills, Phillips, Gull, and Gantner (he's the one from Switzerland)

Mini Missionary, Brother Carr

This is just a picture of our area. I want to hike that "mountain" (hill) one day.

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