Monday, December 21, 2015

Week Before Christmas

Alrighty kids. I have survived another week in California.... It's been awesome!

On Monday we got to have our zone activity, which was white elephant. That was fun. It is funny how as a missionary you don't go for the toys. I had a choice between nerf guns and a package with pens and office supplies. I got the office supplies.

Tuesday was zone training. Because I am new the zone leaders made me conduct. We learned how to be better missionaries and what not and it was a solid training.

Wednesday was just another typical day as a missionary. No cool stories.

Thursday we did exchanges. I went with Elder Glover. He is a zone leader and we went to his ward. That was an experience... We were looking for this potential investigator, Glenn, in the apartment complex and walked up to his apartment and his door was wide open. So we walked in and started talking to him. This guy was something else. Glenn as black as they come and he was super fun to talk to. He informed us (very openly) that he had some addictions and temptations... We tried to teach him the restoration, but he wouldn't even open the pamphlet. He was like, "Man. I'm filthy. I'm so filthy. I'm not worthy to open your book." I was just thinking, "Glenn. Buddy. It's a restoration pamphlet. Not the gold plates." Elder Glover took the lead in teaching a short restoration lesson and I was able to share my testimony and explain the Book of Mormon to him in a way he could understand. He expressed his appreciation for what I said for like 5 minutes. I'm not sure if it was because I really did that great of a job or if it was because he was drunk, but it was cool. Oh, and he said he would be baptized!

Anyways, before we left Glenn says, "Brothers, can we pray?" Of course, we are like, "Yeah of course Glenn. We can pray!" Then he jumps up and says, "Jesus says we gotta stand." This is the point where I started thinking WHAT??? WHAT'S HAPPENING?! So we stood in a circle holding hands and Elder Glover gave a great prayer. As he said amen, Glenn just starts going. He prays and says how he is going to give up all the stuff he's doing wrong. He says amen and says, "Sorry brother... Just had to add that in."

On Friday, We met Nolan Smith. He just got back from somewhere in the marines. He grew up LDS but hasn't gone to church for over 7 years. He was driving past the church at night and saw the doors were open and felt personally responsible to close them. He ended up talking to the guy cleaning the church for hours and got our number. We met him and he told us he had some traumatic experience and now is suffering with severe PTSD. We were able to talk to him about returning to church and gave him a blessing. He is leaving to Colorado soon. But it was a neat experience. Also on Friday we went by the Birch's. They are members in our ward and they are the greatest. They are ward missionaries and every time we go by their house they give us referrals and root beer floats. They also gave us a GPS.

Saturday we were able to meet our new investigator, Akilah. She is a young mother. She was referred to us by the Carlsbad Sisters. She was supposed to come to church on Sunday, but didn't. But we are teaching her this week! We also have a few other part member families and potential investigators.

I am getting along great with my companion. I am super happy and am having a great time. I have embraced the fact that I am a new missionary and am trying to enjoy the process of figuring out what I am doing.

Church is true. Being a missionary is awesome. Love you all!


Elder Kapp

                                                           ROOT BEER FLOATS

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