Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 2 in Cali

First thing, WELCOME HOME ELDER JAKE KAPP!!! Proud of you, Jake. You are a role model and a super hero to me. I love you and, even though you wish you could have stayed longer, you did the best you possibly could and Sweden was blessed.

Alright, so I have survived 2 weeks... I am doing SO much better. I was really struggling the first week and a bit the second week, but I am starting to do better. We are moved into our apartment and working, which is GREAT! The apartment is super nice and we have a washer and dryer and Walmart across the street. No complaints!

We are done organizing the ward list, area book, and ward map!!! HALLELUJAH! We still haven't taught any lessons and we have no investigators yet, but we have a ton of potential. We have a few part member families, less actives, and potential investigators we are trying to contact. The ward here is incredible. They are missionaries without the badge. The ward missionaries are the best. I am so grateful. They are constantly in touch and everyone shares the gospel. Hoping for a lot of success here!!

Thank you everyone for the support and uplifting emails and letters. It helped a lot. 

Elder Phillips and I  have done a lot better working out differences. We had a good talk, and we haven't had a single problem since.

Thursday was the last day I was really homesick. I was really sad I couldn't be there to pick my best friend up from the airport, but I got over it. 

So those of you who think it is all sunshine and daisies here, think again. It rained a few days. HARD. (Like for 10 minutes, off and on). But it also hailed and we were on bikes and it wasn't fun. We got caught in the rain last night and I was soaked. It was fun though. 

I am getting getting a lot better at contacting. Really, I am able to go up to any stranger and talk to them now, I just need to get more comfortable with it now. It will take time, but I am enjoying the process.

The big point I wanted to share is my gratitude for our loving Father in Heaven. I hit my lowest pretty hard when I got out here and without prayer and the blessings of the spirit I probably would be considering going home. But He is there!!! He answers prayers. As we give all we have to Him, He blesses us. I have received so much comfort and peace during my times of need over the last week (much is result of prayers from home, so thank you!) and I can't wait to share this knowledge of Him with the people of San Marcos California.

This is the work of our Lord and Savior. He lives. He reigns. I am grateful to be a part of it. 
I LOVE YOU ALL! thank you for the support! Have a good Christmas! 
(trying to get pictures soon)

Elder Kapp

This house beats the one in Clinton by a lot.

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