Monday, June 19, 2017

Happy Fathers Day!... and it's hot.

Hey everyone! This last week was super good!
First, Stephanie came to FHE! That was awesome! She really loved it. 

We were able to teach Stephanie a couple times, went to a couple district meetings, had exchanges with the Spanish elders. I got to go with Elder McDonald. I have been wanting to go on exchanges with him for so long! He's such a cool guy and we had a blast! We got a lot done! We stopped by a ton of formers, tracted a bit, and worked hard. 

We got locked out of our apartment on Wednesday. We have these stupid electronic keys and the doors lock automatically. We left the keys in the apartment so we had to break in... 

It was baking hot this last weekend! It was in the low 100's on Saturday! We were at the ranch so we were dying! It's okay. It's good for my tan. 

Saturday we had a "Mission-Wide Miracle Day" where the whole mission prayed, found, and texted each other about miracles they saw. It was cool to see how everyone was able to find miracles and inspire each other about them!

Sunday was SWEET! We had 2 non-members in the Murrieta Ward. Then we had Stephanie and a random guy at the YSA. His name is Diego and he is from Mexico. His English isn't the best, but he's coming to FHE tonight and we are going to try to start teaching him. 

Stephanie is going to Utah this weekend to visit her boyfriend for 2 weeks. We are praying that goes well and that she has a good time!

It's cool how easy it is to receive miracles and blessings when we seek them. I definitely saw that this last week. There were some cool things that happened when we tried to find miracles. 

Love you!

Elder Kapp

Correlation meeting with Henry Lee, YSA Ward missionary

Thermostat in our car... IT'S HOT!

Stephanie at FHE (she's the one in the stripes)

Exchanges with McDonald

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