Monday, November 23, 2015

Elder Kapp2 - Week 1 in the MTC

Hey everyone,

So I have survived week one of the MTC. IT IS AWESOME! So I said goodbye to the fam, walked in, and we haven't stopped since. We went straight to class and it is constant work. We wake up around 6 and go to study. After that we are either studying, in a classroom, or eating. We get back to the room at like 9:30. My companion is Elder Phillips. He is pretty awesome. He is from Atlanta and played lacrosse. We have a ton in common. We get along super well. LOVE HIM! We have the room by ourselves, but everyone else in the zone has 4 to a room. You would think it was cool because we can use the pillows from the other beds, but the beds here are the worst. I have such a hard time sleeping. I think it was Friday I didn't fall asleep til about 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. I think it is a combination of the awful beds and the stress and nervousness. But I am doing better now

Elder Phil and I have started teaching investigators. We are teaching Lome from Fiji and Ny from Madagascar. Lome is 26 and is a G. He has been in gangs, kicked out at the age of 14, and went to "lockup". In jail, he read the bible and wanted to begin preaching to people. He is super interested in missionary work and moved to Utah for a new start. We teach him again tomorrow.

Ny is catholic. She is very accepting of what we teach, but I don't know how much she really believes. We are struggling to get her to express herself more, but she seems interested. We teach her again tomorrow.

Elder Phillips and I started out struggling teaching together. We would interrupt each other and the lessons would be scattered. We are starting to figure it out and we are doing really well!!

My district is like family. There are 10 of us. 4 Sisters and 6 Elders. Elder Phillips, Elder Nanney from Michigan, and I are going to Carlsbad California and the rest are going to Washington. I love them so much. We get along really well and have good fun. The sisters are the best teachers in the class. After we do practice investigators, they always come back and are like, "We committed them to baptism!!" and stuff like that. They are super humble. 

Something Madi will think is cool is I have seen guys from that Mormon boy band, Beyond 5. Zac Love and the Polynesian one are both here. I sat behind Elder Love in choir (Which is awesome). I have also seen Bryce Brimhall, Colton Pierce, and Jaxon Norman. They are all doing well. 

The food is great. I love it. I might be putting on weight. We leave to Carlsbad on Tuesday. Our flight leaves at 8:00 in the morning. Transfers aren't til 4:00, so we will just chill until then. Elder Phillips went to our mission before and met the Mission President and said he is awesome. I AM SO EXCITED!!! I love you all lots and hope to hear from you. 

Elder Kapp

                                                    Our disrict. this is left to right.
     Elder Putnam, Elder Phillips, Elder Allen, ME!!, Elder Nanney, Elder Oliverson, Sister Johnson,
                                                  Sister Barker, Sister Hill, and Sister Walker

      Elder Oliverson (Our district leader. he is hillarious) Elder Adams and I taking a last selfie.
                         Elder Adams left to New York Monday morning. He was in our zone.

                                                       Me and Elder Brimhall

                                                           Elder Phillips and I

                             Elder Oliverson wears a pizza one-sie to bed. He is so funny.

   The Elders from our district with Elder Bradley. He is our zone leader and we love him very much.

                                                              Provo Temple

                                                                    "The Crib"

                                                                    Oliverson, Adams, and I

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